Venezuela is burning

So once again, Venezuela is in turmoil.  Let me give you a quick recap.  Hugo Chavez died and Nicolás Maduro assumed power.  This was done in an unconstitutional manner.  The people demanded a vote. Initially, Maduro declined then allowed for a vote.  It was a close race between he and Henrique Capriles.  Maduro “won”  by burning votes, intimidating voters  and having his minions vote multiple times in multiple districts.  The people once again demanded another vote.  Maduro has vacillated thus far.

I reached out to Truthloader in the U.K. back in April 2013 and they picked it up:

Maduro Burning Votes

The people were docile and awaiting another vote while they were being abused by authorities.  Maduro not being as sharp as Chavez once was, allowed the inflation rate to reach 59%.  There were mandated price fixes and shortages of many goods including toilet paper.  Due to the rising poverty level, the crime rate sky rocketed.  It all came to a head when Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was killed during a roadside robbery.  The people rose up and took to the streets in protest and now demand the removal of Maduro.


My buddy Gabe put together a support demonstration for Venezuela called “Venezuela Nos Llama” that took place in Phoenix.  There is a much larger gathering that will take place this Saturday at Tempe Town Lake.  It coincides with “SOS Venezuela” that is set to take place worldwide.

Good luck Venezuela, we’re with you.