The Pulse of Arizona Punk

Amongst the rise of Arizona punk e-zines, three come to mind that have truly captured the essence and pulse of the local scene.  This’ll be a quick little blog entry because they have more to say than I do, and I’m just drinking my coffee, and egocentricity is found in abundance as of late.

hi ho!


The newest zine and most grassroots is without a doubt Now, I come out of hiding and catch a  show every few months, but this dude lives at venues. I’ve never not seen him attend pretty much…EVERY SHOW!


Another newer addition is PunkForefront.  This is a great collab of local musicians, writers and photographers that soak in the scene like a sponge


Last, but not least, the granddaddy of the scene that has been covering shows forever.  A great mag run by great peeps,

See, I told you this would be short. Now go read some shit, jerks. 😉