Shakedown in Juarez

After a show in El Paso, Texas at Lucky Devils, we ventured south to J town to get some tacos and booze.  We had gone before and drunk tequila casera until 5AM and we were fine, got back to the hotel and slept off the poison, but not this time.

There was a whole grip of us: Jason, Jim, Jeremy, Angela, I can’t ‘member who else and me.  We ventured off of the main strip because it was 3AM and everythign was closed.  We gave up on the booze and just wanted some tacos.  We found some shacks that were still open and ate well.  A lookout kept whistling so we decided to bounce.  Something was screwy.

As we headed back to the border we got stopped by about four chotas (city cops). They accused us of drinking in public.  All we had were Mexican Cokes in glass bottles.  They told us to wait.  The radioed in and about eight more cops came and a paddy wagon that had “666”  painted on it as it’s designation.

The women cops started frisking the chicks with us and the dude cops, us.  They found a knife on one of us and stated that was now the reason we were being stopped.  They started slapping cuffs on people and the “captain” arrived.  He reminded me of Napoleon.  He was the shortest one there and really wanted to prove his mettle.  I started trying to intervene in Spanish and he got right in my face.  He was about to straight punch me when I said, ” ¿Como podemos arrelglarlo? Puedo pagar aqui mismo por la mutla?”.  (How can we “fix” this can I pay the fine here?) He wanted $100 a pop.  I talked him down to $20 each, and we got the fuck out.

A couple of months later when we played El Paso, we didn’t go back, needless to say.  We did hear some interesting news that a week prior to this show a couple of cops tried the same thing on someone else.  This time it didn’t work out too well for them.  The dude they were trying to shakedown acted like he was going to pay, but he took out a pocket pistol and went to work.  I heard that he made it back to the US but the cops were dead.  I tried to feel bad for the cops, but I had a hard time.

Anyway, check out the new song by Authority Zero “Shakedown in Juarez”.  Jason did a great job capturing the feel.