Local Punks Contradiktion Release New E.P. “Back Down The Drain Again”

I just received my copy of Contradiktion‘s brand new E.P. “Back Down The Drain Again”, and gave her a listen.  I truly was impressed by the sound quality of the this five song gem.  Four of the five songs can best be described as melodic 90’s punk, a love child of Green Day and Bouncing Souls roots.   I found them easily palatable and great.   I was most impressed with the song “The Hard Way”.  With it’s minor chords and scales and darker subject matter, I was taken back to listening to Billy Talent.  One can tell the band was experimenting with their sound and expanding on this track.   I would highly recommend picking up a copy and telling your friends. If they keep heading in their current direction, you can be a total hipster when they blow up and say, “I heard of ’em first”.