Light Speed Go releases E.P. “New Direction”

So I spent the $5 to get the new E.P. “New Direction” by Light Speed Go, I was not disappointed.  Something about the chord progressions really reminded me of Face to Face.  The vocals brought me back to “Cheshire Cat” by Blink. The album’s arrangement flowed perfectly and I didn’t even realize that I’d already listened to all five songs when it had ended.

Throughout  the whole thing, I had an early 90’s Fat Wreck Chords feeling.  I heard some Fat Mike-like structure meets something a bit more melodic,  maybe a touch of Millencolin .  The really weird thing was how much it reminded me of listening to Victim 26 at Jughead’s (Viva SID!)

It’s a rad album, so make sure your cheap ass coughs up a buck a song and go get this shit.


Also go check out Light Speed Go on Facebook and at their upcoming Pulley show:

Pulley show in AZ