No Gimmick to Release new EP “Judy” in April

Well I’m checking out the EP Judy as we speak, yup No Gimmick still rips.  They sound a hell of a lot more polished than the last time I sat down and listened to one of their albums about 10 years ago.  GO figure! haha  I almost want to say Johnny’s vocals have morphed into a Hot Water Music raspy timber as he’s aged. Something about the harmonies and hooks.  The chord progressions slip into some Bad Region feeling vibes but the driving feel brings me back to some sort of anthem rock meets punk.

The new No Gimmick = Hot Water Music had a baby with Bad Religion mixed with a dash of Lars Frederiksen and touch of Fat Mike vox.  Clear enough for you?  It’s a great melting pot of the shit I love to listen too.  Good job for keeping it going boys.

Make sure to check them out coming up on March 22nd.  at Yucca:

pulley at the yucca tap room

Also in April, They’ll be releasing “Judy” which features a picture of Judy the sex doll that took the place of one of the members while he was in jail… yeah lmao.