First or Last (FoL) Brings it Back to the Gutter

FoL’s new E.P.  …Kinda, but Seriously in a word? “Gritty”.  Upon hitting start we’re greeted with a clip from Willy Wonka: “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams”. Holy shit!!  Brings me back to cranking Slugworth’s album back in the day.

If you’re looking for a over-produced album this ain’t it.  You can hear the static of shitty cables in the silence of intros and at times the vox are way off key.  You know… fucking punk rock?

Now, I’m not talking shit at all.  I loved this album.  It’s the real deal. It sounds like real punk rock music.  If you dug Drunk on Mondays, Guttermouth, War Called Peace or a plethora of other pure punk bands, this is the album for you.

Here’s the kicker, as rough some aspects of the album sound, others are super pleasant. E.g. The guits are all in key, the bass is fantastic and the beats are spot on. I love that they left some human nuances in the mix. It reminds me of a time before Pro Tools, when every damn band didn’t sound like fuckin’ robots.

So, buy this album and support local music. Also, stay tuned to GringoBill to catch the upcoming interview I’ll have with them about their recent tour.