Fare Game; HOLY SHIT!!!

I just finished up listening to Fare Game‘s new E.P. Breakin’ Rules.  The shit just rips.  I know I sound like a hypeman, but it thoroughly impressed me.

Breakin' Rules

The first thing that caught my ear was the crunchy guits and minor chords. This is totally a lost art in the punk land of power chords. The tone was reminiscent of vintage Black Sabbath. I felt like I was transported back to the 60’s, fuckin’ rockin out. Bravo, Ricky Sherma and Paul Levesque. Thank you for fuckin’ bringing back the axe in a time of dubstep and poppy bullshit.

What’s a few rippin’ guitars without a rad rhythm section to glue that shit together? Enter Jazz Limbo. You can tell she’s a Musician’s Institute alumuna. Not only are her basslines crawling all over the pocket, but her hooks accent the songs perfectly. So we got the guit muscle and bass spine, leave it to Tom Plum to be the sinew. Nothing too fancy but super driving. The drums have an old skool Offspring feel and sound. Well done, sir.

I finally got to listening this damn E.P. I’m too busy these days. I’m super glad that I did. Anywho, buy this album. Support real music!