Chavez answers Authority Zero and Guttermouth tour questions!

So I hit up chavez with the following questions you asked, and he answered via video!

Romero: Who was the smelliest member of the band while on tour?

Keener: Okay, best venue, best crowd and best breakfast?

Russell: Did you get laid Trav?

Marcie: Did the cursed seat in the van stay empty or is that why Jason is having knee trouble?

Rankin: Question: why is it that all mosh pits go counterclockwise?

MacFall: A follow up to the question posed by Adam…do they go clockwise in Australia?

Hammond:  Are you now, or have you ever been, a punk rocker?

Granillo: Favorite moment on tour with authority zero?

Romero: Who has the softest hands and how did you find that out?

Gimmick: Does the carpet match the drapes?

Gimmick: Best local opening band you saw on tour?

Check it out y’all: