Adventures at Pub Rock Live with The Ataris

So, me and my brother Freddy showed up at about 6:oo PM and doors weren’t until 6:30.  I asked for the Godfather, Craven Moorhead and he was summoned haha  Got right in.  The Ataris we’re tuning up their gear for the up coming tour so Fred and I shot the shit with Craven, Nancy and his wife.

The last time I was actually in this building was about 10 years ago when it was called Chasers.  It was a trip to see what Nancy and the KUKQ crew had done to the place.  The first thing I noticed was there no longer was a Blues Brothers type chain link fence separating drinkers from youngins, so that was a plus.  It now had a nice wooden floor and a great sound system.  They even have cool little radio booth where we broadcast from, off stage left.

Me, being the jittery dude that I am,  got bored.  I wandered around and watched the road crew setting shit up.  Then I filmed The Ataris play a sound check song:


They sounded pretty damn good.  At this point it was about 7:00 PM.  Doors were getting pushed way back because the band and crew wanted to make sure that the gear was good to go, not only for the show, but for their upcoming tour.

At around 7:15, Kris Roe quickly played an acoustic set for those the won the “House Call”  contest on KUKQ.  It was a really intimate environment and I could see the excitement in the fans faces:


Between songs, Craven snuck in a quick interview with Kris:


At this point it was around 8:00 PM.  Doors were open and it was getting chatty.  I saw a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen in years it was nice.  I even ran into my buddy and Gringo Bill dot Com guest writer,  Alle and her son.  Her son digs jiu jitsu so we yapped a bit about that.  Kid’s gotta good grip too for a handshake, prolly from grabbin’ gis, but I digress.

As we were waiting for the show to start, I overhead some folks right behind me talking about Authority Zero:

Dude 1:  I think they’re going out with Authority Zero.

Dude 2: Who?

Dude 1:  It’s like a reggae punk band, they did that song “Revolution“.

Dude 2:  Oh yeah!  Those guys are rad. 

I was grinning because I’m the dude in the vid.  I was surprised at the song selection though.  They must have hopped on around Andiamo.

Miles to Nowhere  opened up.  They were pretty rad, but I didn’t get any footage.  That sucks!  Because they were good.

Around 8:30 a band called Neo Geo played.  They had an interesting sound that I really couldn’t put my finger on.  I saw a similar band at Warped Tour called Five Knives, but Neo Geo was darker and grittier:



At 10:00 PM I started joking around on Instagram because I’m was bored! hahaha  I let everyone know that I am old and tired. It was also at this time that my buddy Marc brought me a little bag with corn and bean seeds.  He also gardens.  The funniest thing about it was that it looked like a little sack of drugs.  I was standing in between the doors to the two greenrooms off of stage right.  We got some strange looks, so me and the Freddduh! hammed it up.  We acted shady and people started diverting their eyes. haha  Yeah…

Fake Sack

Versus the World started playing, and they sounded good.  I had a hard time getting footage because of the angle and the sound was wacky because of the speaker but you’ll get the idea:


At this point I was spent, I watch a bit of The Ataris and bounced. It was cool to relive the road for a fleeting moment, but even better to go home and sleep in my own damn bed.